Author: Sridhar Peddisetty

Being Agile: Team Got To Know Its Limitations

For successful adoption of Agile across Organization, it’s important to start with one or two pilot teams. For the team to be successful in adopting Agile…Read more....Read more

Being Agile: Best Practices For A Retrospection

Sridhar Peddisetty discusses how retrospection is an important value in Agile and why. Being Agile is not only about processes, tools and a smart technical staff....Read more

Being Agile: It’s a Matter of Perspective

Today there are strong voices heard for and against the adoption of Agile. Sridhar Peddisetty explains that perspective is key to Agile adoption....Read more

Being Agile: Identifying Right Opportunities To Act

Define clearly problem statement(s) mapped with customer(s) and what matters to them the most. This can be accomplished by engaging...Read more....Read more

Being Agile: Applying Common Sense With An Uncommon Level Of Discipline

Agile is applying common sense with an uncommon level of discipline. Its a journey of continuous improvements with the openness...Read more....Read more

Silence The Mind To Think Clearly & Deliver Results

Project delivery is not just about achieving agreed scope, schedule or cost, it's about delivering value. It's often perceived that a project team...Read more....Read more

Everyone’s Perspective is Key in Retrospectives

In the early 20th century, an Architect and an Engineer entered a fancy hotel with a roll of blueprints to investigate how to add an elevator to the building.......Read more

How Osmotic Communication Works For NearShore Team

Osmotic communication means that information flows into the background hearing of members of the team, so that they pick up relevant information as though by osmosis....Read more

An Agilist Needs More Than Training To Succeed

The most essential part of Agile transformation besides the Org. change companion, is proper training and in this post the intent...Read more....Read more

DevOps Is Essential For Faster To Market Services

An explanation of how DevOps is essential for faster to market services....Read more