A global sporting apparel company turned to Lenati, a ProKarma company, to help launch its 1:1 personal shopping experience and app pilot.



With the future state vision in mind, the client was ready to deliver on the Membership promise for consumers. Lenati led the launch of their 1:1 personal shopping experience and app pilot in select stores in the New York Metro area. Lenati served as strategic user-experience advisers during development to ensure a seamless experience from digital to physical.

The launch of membership culminated with the opening of a New York City flagship store. Designed as the “home of membership,” the store is packed with experiences that are unlocked with the client’s mobile app. Lenati designed key aspects of this store including the membership service design and the engagement strategy, while also developing a playbook for enrolling, recognizing, greeting and guiding its members in store. Lenati also designed the launch strategy for targeting high value members in the New York City metro area and drawing them to the store and events surrounding its opening.



The membership is now a core strategy for the client, creating growth for their business and brand. The app is popular among and heavily used by their highest value consumers. The company’s 1:1 service, now available in several major US cities, continues to grow with global roll-out planned. The store design has been validated and will serve as the template for future flagship openings. Lenati’s work provided a personalized and streamlined experience for the client’s consumers at every engagement.


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