INDUSTRY : Healthcare
INDUSTRY : Healthcare


The client is one of the largest nonprofit health systems in America providing care at 101 hospitals in 18 states in addition to teaching hospitals, critical access facilities and community health service organizations.  The nonprofit health system aims to provide expertise, convenience and best-in-class care to help its patients achieve happier and healthier lives.


With six websites and multiple content management systems, the client faced technical challenges when updating and adding new features to its websites.  Working around the existing patchwork of content management systems lead to increased costs and technical debt.  It hampered patient engagement and prevented the nonprofit from fully accomplishing its mission to enable ease of care.


ProKarma worked to identify a robust new content management system that would allow the organization to leverage the expertise of its marketing and IT teams and more effectively reach patients.  ProKarma guided the implementation of Adobe Experience Manager as a single content management platform and provided strategic insight and execution for architecture, content migration, Angular front-end development and project management.  The result was  an agile, interactive content management platform that enabled the organization to get new features and updates in front of customers more quickly, for a better customer experience across digital touchpoints.