A national communications company with expertise in delivering web content.


As technology and information delivery methods evolve, enterprises in the communications sector are expected to provide results, instantly and efficiently. To maximize potential connections, websites have to be responsive and display optimally on a wide range of devices. ProKarma’s client needed a better system for populating their websites with content. Their method of entering website content directly to the live server by transferring text from Word to the Rich Text Box was producing unwanted HTML elements that prevented the content from displaying correctly on smart phones. ProKarma was challenged to develop a more efficient method for the client that would prevent HTML errors and ensure maximum quality.


ProKarma developed a content management system that could be coupled with a number of website development applications to allow the client flexible, user-friendly options for website development.

ProKarma sought a solution that would be efficient, easy to use, and consistent. The ProKarma team tested several web development applications and concluded that either Adobe Dreamweaver or Windows Live Writer would be an effective choice for publishing web content. Both systems require equal time, can format most text automatically, assist with writing clean code, and are easy to apply and publish. To manage the content and maintain the back-end, ProKarma developed an open source Content Management System (CMS) for the client.

Use of the ProKarma solution allowed the client to reduce formatting efforts, site development time, and time spent publishing data. The client found that there were fewer issues reported by the QA team and clean code allowed the websites to display correctly on smartphones and other mobile devices. The ultimate result was that the client was able to provide timely, quality deliverables with less effort.