CLIENT : Craft Brew Alliance
CLIENT : Craft Brew Alliance
INDUSTRY : Business Intelligence


Craft Brew Alliance, which was born in 2008 with the merger of two pioneering Pacific Northwest craft brewers, is well-known for its national Kona Brewing Company label and seven regional and lifestyle brands. With products available in every U.S. state and in 30 countries around the world, the company’s leaders are passionate about growing authentic craft beers and bringing brands to life through strategic partnerships with emerging brands.


As the fifth largest craft brewing company in the U.S., Craft Brew Alliance has a large domestic and international sales pipeline, a vast distribution and warehouse network, and numerous brewing production facilities spread across the country. The company has added four brands to its family over the past six years and reported in May 2017 that net sales of its beer had climbed 13 percent1 year over year. As Craft Brew Alliance has grown in complexity and size, the need for accurate planning and forecasting across its business segments has grown considerably. While it’s common to address planning and forecasting from a financial perspective, Craft Brew Alliance sought a solution that would provide broader, deeper insight into how its functions and departments interact.


ProKarma built a custom business planning solution that integrates data from the general ledger, sales, production, finance and staffing to provide automated total forecasting. The platform empowers Craft Brew Alliance with detailed insight to improve each function across the entire company.

ProKarma’s solution unlocks powerful planning and analysis by aligning the company’s distributed resources, providing cross-functional forecasting and sharing granular detail on how

each function interacts with each other. It enables more accurate revenue forecasting, sales volume planning and forecasting, product profitability forecasting and production planning. The level of detail available is such that Craft Brew Alliance can gain a complete picture of gross margin profitability for each case of beer in their distributor network, identify the highest margin product sold by each wholesaler, and target the most profitable wholesalers.

With the integrated planning platform from ProKarma, Craft Brew Alliance can intelligently predict and adapt to changes throughout the business with comprehensive data, deeper insights and more accurate forecasting.

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