This retail store conglomerate boasts an impressive 73 stores in a total of 16 states.  It offers a wide selection and deep discount shopping.


The client needed a complete integration of several disparate systems and applications, which captured different types of data from their retail and online stores.  Collected data included various point-of-sale, financial, and payment applications.  The client requested unified and consistent data across applications, and required an opensource Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) solution for data and application integration.  ProKarma strengthened and revised the project requirements to incorporate change requests along with active code development and integrated testing.


ProKarma implemented an end-to-end, complete development project for the integration which addressed the client’s requirements for opensource technology and SOA-based architecture.  With over 80 application and data integration points, ProKarma’s complex solution helped revolutionize this client’s business.  Because the client does not have a large in-house IT team, ProKarma took a consultative approach to work toward the client’s business goals. ProKarma developed a custom reporting application with a separate user interface and set up a Nexus Maven repository manager.  ProKarma employed a methodology based on Agile/Scrum best practices and Kanban to define roles and processes to drive continuous and incremental changes.

ProKarma developed the project in units, demonstrating code quality and the integration solution in two-week sprints.  Thorough pre-integration and unit testing were part of ProKarma’s development practice.  In addition, ProKarma experts also obtained continuous feedback from the client, revising requirements, and redesigning the solution as necessary.  Implementation occurred simultaneously with development.