CLIENT : CattleXperts
INDUSTRY : Agriculture
CLIENT : CattleXperts
INDUSTRY : Agriculture


A leader in feedlot management software developed its first product in 1993 and has continued to innovate ever since. The company’s technology is designed to let its clients be the best cattlemen they can be, and among its values is a belief that the company is doing its part to feed the world.


The feedlot industry is highly fragmented and competitive, with 93 percent of the 30,000 feedlots in the U.S. – the world’s largest fed-cattle industry – able to house less than 1,000 heads of cattle.1 About 70 to 75 percent of all U.S. beef comes from cattle fed in feedlots, which are charged with feeding and caring for cattle in addition to maintaining health and other records required by the USDA. Much of this activity has historically been manually tracked via spreadsheets and paper ledgers.


To address these challenges, the client partnered with ProKarma to develop an integrated solution able to manage the entire feedlot’s operations. The solution represents a giant step forward in a labor-intensive, manual industry. Automation facilitates more precise feeding and tracking and enables climate control in areas used to store food and medicine. Sensors, motion detectors and audio and video feeds help alert feedlot owners to danger from rustlers and predators, including coyotes and mountain lions. Automated gates allow the rancher to open and close pen doors. Shower stalls equipped with motion sensors turn the water on when cattle enter the area and turn off the water when sufficient time has elapsed. The solution also automates the record-keeping for each cattle’s medical history and medication given – a particularly significant boon for larger feedlots that market 80 to 90 percent of fed cattle.2

The result is a unique solution that integrates animal feeding, inventory and treatment in a competitive, labor-intensive industry rarely considered high-tech. From purchase to sale, software tracks the life of every animal and can provide a snapshot of a feed yard’s entire stock with just a few clicks.3 ProKarma continues to partner with the client to sell, maintain, customize and support the software around the world, with future releases planned to integrate chip technology and drones able to monitor ranch lands.