ProKarma translates the future to the present. Attuned to the voice of consumers and markets - and versed in the edge technologies that shape consumer value - we help our clients deliver extraordinary experiences, launch new business models and drive operations efficiency.
ProKarma and Lenati, our strategy and design division, have helped some of the biggest brands across major industries connect with their customers and deliver on their aspirations. We are experience architects, leveraging customer insights, exceptional engineering and edge technologies, to make escalated growth a reality.
First and foremost, we're a solutions company known for delivering excellence in engineering. We deliver a wealth of knowledge across marketing, customer experience, IoT, analytics and complex integration projects.
For growth-compelled companies looking to adopt technology as the basis of competitive advantage, we enable continuous innovation through our Operations Labs. Offering a more coherent understanding of customers and emerging technologies, we deliver the design-engineered solutions behind rewarding brands.  
Next-generation platforms form the foundation of future fluent companies. We help clients leverage scaled platforms, cloud infrastructure and emerging MarTech to accelerate customer acquisition, engagement and retention.

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