POSTED : June 3, 2019

CRMC session explores how the launch of Van’s first-ever digital customer experience program, Vans Family, has ignited Vans’ member base 

(June 4, 2019) – Lenati, the strategy and design division of ProKarma, announced today that it will co-present with Vans on a first-of-its-kind customer loyalty program June 7 at the Customer Relationship Management Conference (CRMC) 2019 in Chicago, Illinois.

Lenati partnered with Vans to break the mold of the traditional membership program in launching Vans Family, an innovative, digitally led membership program that activated millions of previously unknown brand loyalists and advocates in its first year alone. In designing and implementing a loyalty vision and end-to-end experience, Lenati helped Vans redefine the brand’s relationship with customers online and offline.

“Together, we are changing what it means to get to know your customers,” said Kris Klein, co-founder and managing partner at Lenati. “Through personal experiences and exclusive rewards designed for inclusivity and social amplification, brands can enable macro targeting by interest and build toward one-to-one relationships with customers.”

During the session, Clay Walton-House, head of customer retention and loyalty at Lenati, and Frank Neumann, senior director of consumer lifestyle management and loyalty at Vans, will share insights drawn from the success of the Vans Family loyalty program. The session will be from 11:40 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. on June 7. 

About Lenati

Lenati serves as valued advisors and collaborators to companies looking for customer-focused solutions and best practices in marketing, sales and customer experience. Working across the customer lifecycle, from acquisition to engagement and retention, Lenati is the leading consultancy helping the world’s best-known companies to form an indelible bond between brand and customers.

As the strategy and design division of ProKarma, Lenati has a global footprint that enables it to scale solutions across strategy, design, prototype and development using cutting-edge technology to deliver high-value experiences. 

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