POSTED : May 15, 2016

Knowledge16 is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to engage with enthusiastic service management buyers searching for cutting-edge solutions to modernize their enterprise, and ProKarma can help you to build those solutions by releasing the power of DevOps.

DevOps methods enable your teams to build solutions more quickly, and ProKarma brings full-scale technology expertise and implementation capabilities to inspire, empower, and drive our clients to do what they do best. Whether you’re focused on security operations; finance; or governance, risk, and compliance; ProKarma can help you decrease the amount of time spent identifying issues and allow you to focus on meeting your goals.


Visit us at booth P40 to find out how we can partner with you to improve processes and streamline projects. Don’t forget to pick up an invite to our cocktail party on May 18 at 5pm at Red Square Restaurant and Lounge. Not only will you get the opportunity to meet and learn from your peers and ProKarma, you’ll have a chance to win some awesome prizes.