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New Enhancements to the Apigee Drupal Developer Portal

While sensible API design is a key part of our outreach philosophy at PK, we also try to never lose sight of how crucial a developer portal is to......Read more

What About Private Cloud?

Where Private Cloud fits in Apigee’s lineup With Google Cloud Next ’19 fresh in everyone’s minds, it seems like all the focus is on hybrid cloud environments and containerized applications. It’s......Read more

Accelerating API Delivery

However, if your service design is good, but the performance of the service is bad or it cannot be evolved fast enough to meet changing market conditions then your......Read more

APIs Built For Consumers Not Systems

Many of the companies that we have worked with over the years have created SOAP based services (SOA) in order to serve distributed computing demand. However, they have struggled......Read more

API Products as a Driver of Business and IT Convergence

There are two major challenges with applying the concept of Productization to APIs: 1. It is not a natural concept for most technologists and delivery prioritization is generally focused......Read more

API Product Design Essentials

We believe API productization is a critical component in realizing value from your API investments. Productization starts as a mindset yet quickly evolves into both a design strategy and......Read more

API Governance: Driving Business Value

API Governance:  It’s Time to Rethink Governance introduced emerging governance paradigms and practices fueled by digital transformation & API adoption. This post shifts the focus to the business considerations......Read more

API Governance: It’s Time to Rethink Governance

Truth #1 – Technology governance largely deserves its tarnished reputation Truth #2 – Governance is needed more than ever and is currently being disrupted Disruption? This article will start to walk you through how its......Read more

Breaking Down the Monolith

Typically when we think about microservices we think about breaking down the monolith. Deconstructing the large custom system into small, autonomous functionally aligned systems. But microservices can also be......Read more

10 Questions for Great API Design

1) Who is the consuming audience? Is it internal? Customers? Partners? Vendors? Determining audience will drive new questions. What is their level of understanding of the business process driven......Read more